When you picked out your new spaceship you knew better than to pay extra for AC, because that's how they get ya. However that does mean you have to work pretty hard to keep your cockpit temperature regulated. 


Collect stars, avoid the alien, keep your temperature from getting too hot or too cold. 

Being on the bright side of the moon will heat up your spacecraft, and vice versa. 

Controls - <- -> Keys, AD or Controller joystick (untested) to move clockwise or anticlockwise around the moon.

Made for Trijam 164, my first 3 hour hour game jam. 

The theme was Day/Night cycle. The moon in this game is tidally locked to its planet, like our moon is, and so you have to create your own day/night cycle to regulate your temperature.

I created all the art, code, SFX and music.

Tools used-

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TagsArcade, Pixel Art, Space, Trijam

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