Not a full game. Just a little test map and a work in progress vehicle controller. I mostly spent the time working on vehicle controller and camera controller code and trying out the 32 bit style a little. It was a start of trying to attempt to recreate a little Korean fishing village I visited near Ulsan. Also inspired by Hometown Cha-cha-cha. 

Before the gamejam all I had was a different car controller that I thought I could use for this project. I ended up having to rewrite the controller anyways so I basically started the jam from scratch, although I did have a higher poly version of the truck model which I could trace to make this one.

Controls -

WASD / Arrow keys / Gamepad controls to drive the truck.

Mouse to look around.

R to reset.

Shift and Ctrl change gears, however that doesn't do anything but change the sound.

Bugs - you might not be able to hear the engine, but it is supposed to play audio.

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