You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs, and you're next, make a break for it! A local co-op multiplayer platformer where you're an egg and you have to escape a house. One player is the egg and another is the protector who has to stop the egg from falling too hard using a pillow or stop objects from crushing it.

Controls -

Player 1 Egg-

WASD / Arrow Keys + Shift

Player 2 Proteggtor-

Left click - Grab and move falling objects and pillow

Right click - Drop and pick up pillow


Egg- make your way across the Kitchen and living room to escape being cooked, be careful, you are fragile, too big of a fall can crack you.

Proteggtor - Use your pillow to "cushion" the fall of the egg, but be careful, you only have one pillow so remember to pick it back up again.


Download 51 MB
Don' 65 MB
Don' 66 MB

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This project was made with Godot.

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