How to play-


Aim - Mouse

Shoot - Space / Left Click

Pause - Escape / Right Click

If the viewport is too small for you, download an executable and you will be able to resize the window.


You have been stranded in an asteroid belt without your ship after attempting mutiny.

Your only means of propulsion is your blaster. Use the recoil from your gun to navigate the increasingly difficult maze and reach the black hole in the centre which will warp you to the next level. Ultimately there is no escape from the blackness of space, but make it as far as you can.

Be careful, your spacesuit is extremely fragile, don't bump into the asteroids!


This game was developed for the KenneyJam 2021.

The theme was Rotation, and my personal goals for this jam were to make a game that was Juicy to play, fun and not unbalanced.

It was quite inspired by two of my favourite games from the Ludum Dare 48. Holey Hell and Underneath.

A big thanks to Kenney for putting on the Jam and creating such awesome assets to use for free!


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Meteor Maze 31 MB
Meteor Maze 32 MB

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