For audio and smoothness I strongly recommend downloading it and not playing in the browser.

If you do choose to play it in the browser make sure to play it fullscreen as Ctrl+W will close the tab otherwise, or use the arrow keys.

*So after watching the Youtuber "Title Pending" play my game I realized how crazy the controls go if you drive the submarine in certain ways. My recommendation for smooth sailing is to be gentle with the controls, try to keep the submarine fairly level, not rolling much, and try not to scrape into the ground, just go slowly. Also the vents will just spawn randomly and shouldn't be too far apart, they look like pointy cone shaped rocks with bubbles coming out of them, if in doubt just keep moving and you should come across some.*

The oceans are becoming more and more polluted, you need to take things into your own hands.

Clean up the ocean while exploring in your sub. You only have a limited air supply but you can collect air bubbling up from the volcanic vents.


WASD or Arrow Keys - Forward/Back, Left/Right

Q/E - Roll

Shift / Ctrl - Pitch up/down

If you bump into something and your controls go a bit weird do some rolls and it should sort itself out.

This game was created for the Ludum Dare 48 Compo gamejam, on the theme "Deeper and Deeper". 


Ocean Cleanup Source 60 MB
Download 30 MB
Download 31 MB

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