I only decided to join the Jam on Saturday the 5th and barely had any time on those days so this is a pretty rubbish game. Not fun, too difficult, doesn't fit the theme. I spent a few days before joining the jam working on a shader so I wanted to use that in the game, but it doesn't even work correctly on the web build.

Unfortunately the shader does not work in the web build, please download and play.

How to play-

Drag your cursor from side to side to rotate the sorting plate and allow the falling shapes to pass through. You can also use the scroll wheel but it is much harder.

Theme - I had barely any time to brainstorm and plan. My thinking was that evolution could be things getting more complex so I decided to make a shape sorting game where the shapes get increasingly complex. I added a couple of these shapes but the game became impossible so I just reduced it back to the single cylinders. It does at least get progressively harder. Also if you evolve the word evolution by adding an R it become Revolution, and a lot of revolving happens in this game :/

JSFXR was used to make the two sound effects - https://sfxr.me/


Win1.zip 22 MB
Linux1.zip 22 MB


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Yeah there's not much to this one but it's still impressive for such a short time. The aesthetics and colors is *chefs kiss* on the downloaded version. I want to make an entire game based around those gradients on the wall, lol.