*Headphones required to hear cars coming!*

Mother duck! Help your ducklings get safely across town to the lake. Don't let them get squished or distracted by any tasty bread. Even over the sounds of the traffic they will hear and come running if you give them a "Quack!".

WASD / Arrow Keys / Joypad - Duck movement
Shift - sprint
Q - Quack to gather your ducklings to you and pull them away from distractions. - This has a cooldown shown by the yellow bar.
Esc - Quit to menu

Dynamic Music:

Mother duck - Double Bass (Pizz.) & Trumpet
Ducklings - Cello (Pizz.) & Trumpet
Cars - Double Bass & Cello (Bowed)

Some art provided by Kenney.nl
The was rest made by me in a week for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1


Win.zip 20 MB
Linux.zip 21 MB
Source Code 170 MB

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